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Welcome to the Energy Bracelets website! Learn about the different types of energy and balance bracelets that work well to increase energy levels, sports performance and healing of pain and illnesses.

Current Top Energy Bracelets

Energy bracelets, also called power bracelets or balance bracelets are one of the newest crazes on the market, but some of the technology actually dates back to the ancients Greeks who used magnets due to their healing properties. Many well known professional athletes wear energy or balance bracelets believing they improve their performance and endurance. There are several types of energy bracelets on the market which use different technologies to achieve their results.

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The Power Balance Bracelet

This is one of the top selling energy bracelets on the market and it uses hologram therapy which is a subset of energy medicine. According to the company, the proprietary hologram embedded in the balance band resonates with and amplifies the body's natural frequency which in turn amplifies energy, strength and endurance to improve athletic performance and general physical well being. Although many are skeptical due to the lack of scientific proof and worry that it is just a scam, it has garnered legions of enthusiasitc users around the world.

Power balance bracelets are very popular amongst professional and amateur athletes, as well as sports enthusiasists for types of sports such as basketball, golf, tennis, running and more. Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant are known to wear Power bracelet bands. Besides Power Balance, Mojo bracelets are another type of well-known sports energy bracelets based on hologram technology.

Magnetic Energy Bracelet

The theory of magnetic energy bracelets is that magnets attract iron in the blood increasing blood flow and oxygenation in the body. The use of magnet therapy is ancient and double blind studies in the U.S. and the U.K. reported evidence that magnet therapy was effective in reducing hip and knee pain from arthritis. Magnetic balance bands reduce pain, improve range of motion and increase endurance by increasing blood flow in the body. Some users say that wearing these bracelets reduces pains from arthritis and rheumatism as well. It is also said to help increase feelings of calm and focus to enable wearers to improve their balance and sports performance.

Amongst energy bracelets, the magnetic energy bracelet is available through a wide range of manufacturers at a modest cost. Unlike the Power Balance bracelet, the technology behind (magnet therapy) this has been around for hundreds of years. It is not dependent on having a proprietary hologram programmed into a bracelet. Despite the simplicity, many users say that it works very well for them.

Negative Ion Bracelet

Yet another well-known type of energy bracelets is the negative ion bracelet . Every object on earth has either a positive or negative eletromagnet field. Ions are subatomic particles which can impact both physical and mental health. Negatively charged ions have a positve effect on human beings, while positively charged ions disrupt human energy fields.

According to a leading manufacturer of negative ion bracelets, Trionz, humans working amidst modern office environments surrounded by computers and other electronic appliances and gadgets tend to absorb a lot of positive ions that diminishes their energy levels. Wearing a Trionz energy force bracelet that emits negatively charged ions is hypothesized to counteract the effect of positive ions in the environment and improve physical strength and mental well being.

Trionz bracelets are often embedded with magnets to combine the uplifting effects of magnetic therapy with the benefits of negative ions. They are popular amongst sportsmen and women, as well as people who work in offices looking for an improved sense of well-being.

Copper Bracelet for Pain Reduction

A discussion on energy bracelets will not be complete without mentioning copper energy bracelets. Copper therapy, like magnet therapy, is an ancient treatment tracing its roots back to ancient Egypt. The theory of copper therapy is the micro minerals like zinc and iron are absorbed through the skin resulting in a reduction of inflammation and pain in the joints. Copper health bracelets have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and are a particularly useful therapy for arthritis sufferers and others with chronic pain and inflammation of the joints. Copper is also known to help with healing fatigue.

Many of the copper bracelets sold currently are embedded with magnets as well, combining both the positive energy effects of copper and magnet therapy. These magnetic copper bracelets are popular with anyone seeking healing, better energy levels and athletes for stronger sports performance.

Phiten Titanium Power Wristband and Bracelet

The most well known of the titanium energy wristbands and bracelets is the Phiten brand which infuses titanium into woven cloth. They also make athletic clothing which is popular with many professional athletes. The titanium works like magnet therapy to increase circulation and oxygen of muscle tissue which reduces pain and inflammation while increasing energy and endurance. Pure titanium metal bracelets are also available through Phiten. Find out more on this page: Phiten Energy Bracelets

Consumer reviews of these energy bracelets are mostly positive with many people indicating that they received quick results with increased energy levels and decreased pain. Several brands of balance bracelets have been endorsed by celebrity athletes and have been viewed on athletes during games. A number of professional coaches have even advised players to wear these bracelets for the increased energy and endurance they provide.

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